Course Schedule

Check back for more information on upcoming classes!
A new schedule should be published early February 2019!

Course offerings are also offered along the lakeshore by demand.

The USPS education department is also updating the names of their advanced courses to more closely reflect the content of the courses.  Look for these changes to take place in the near future.

Seamanship Boat Handling
Piloting Marine Navigation
Advanced Piloting Advanced Marine Navigation
Junior Navigation Offshore Navigation
Navigation Celestial Navigation

Boat Handling includes:

  1. Rules of the Road – A practical approach
  2. Confidence in Docking and Undocking – Slow Speed Maneuvering
  3. Boating with Confidence – Handling Your Boat Underway
  4. Anchoring with Assurance – Don’t Get Carried Away
  5. Emergencies on Board – Preparation for Handling Common Problems
  6. Knots and Line Handling – The Knots You Need to Know